How to Start a Private Practice

Let me help you do more than start a private practice... let me help you build a business.

What you’ll learn

Each week we will cover topics from the following areas:

Business Set-up and Hipaa Compliance

Paperwork and Practical Procedures

Managing your MONEY

*Plus New Content on:



About the Host

Dr. Tara Sanderson

Dr. Tara Sanderson loves working with new clinicians to help them set up their business and make great decisions for their private practice and financial future.

She has an MBA from Marylhurst University and a background in business administration. The business side of private practice is a particular passion and sometimes she just can't help herself! She currently runs a successful private practice in Tigard, Oregon.

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When is the next class?

Funny you should ask! I am in the process of picking dates now! Fill out this survey to give me some input on when the dates and times of the next class should be! 

How much does it cost?

Each week will be jam-packed with information that will make your business amazing and your life easier.

You will walk away with templates, manuals and all sorts of information that will help you run your business.

$450 for the series

Is it worth it?

Other courses will provide you an overview in a couple of hours. They will give you tips that make it seem easy to get a practice started. Then you will be left hanging without the knowledge of how to keep your business running.

Did you know the number 1 reason private practices fail is because the Clinician isn't a business person? That's right! You must be able to run a business to have a thriving private practice. Invest in the knowledge that will make your practice amazing... by learning how to run a business ethically and responsibly.

What others have had to say...


LPC Registered Intern

If you are starting a private practice or are new to managing a practice, you really must take this class. Getting it right from the start will save countless headaches, second-guessing, or potentially costly mistakes.


Licensed LPC in WA

I am finding this very helpful and providing insight into the business side of a private practice.


LPC Registered Intern

This is a cost-effective and EXTREMELY helpful way to learn key points in starting a small business. If you tried to figure this information out on your own, it would take you weeks, and many mistakes could be made along the way. This is a smart way to interact with an expert and glean from her own experiences.

"(The) Policy documentation and intake documentation (section) - gives me a big head start to making sure I have the right pieces in place." - Soon to graduate